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We are the largest provider of pay television services in Israel based on number of subscribers. We offer primarily digital television services in Israel under the HOT brand. Our standard digital television package consists of 94 base television channels, six extra content packages, each of which adds 4 to 15 channels to the subscription depending on the content packages chosen by the customer, and 32 radio channels. Subscribers to our standard digital package can also purchase extra content packages giving them access to additional channels. We believe our standard offering includes more channels than the number of channels offered by our competitor in its standard pay television offering. Our standard television package contains a range of Israeli and international sports, current affairs, entertainment, music, film, documentaries, children, and adult channels as well as channels in Arabic, Russian, French, German, Ethiopian and more to address demand from the culturally diverse population of Israel.

We include in our standard package the HOT suite of channels and others such as Eurosport, Fox sport, MSNBC, BBC World news, BBC Entertainment and MTV as well as all the “must carry” channels that we are required to carry on our network under existing regulation. We regularly update our standard digital television package to reflect changes in viewer interest. Our higher end packages include all six of our extra content packages as standard and include 29 to 46 premium channels, depending on the subscription. We also offer up to 19 television channels in HD that have enhanced picture and sound quality compared to regular television channels. Under Israeli regulation, we are required to include in our portfolio of pay television offerings a low priced basic package. This package currently provides subscribers with access to approximately 23 basic channels.
In addition to a high quality and diversified linear television offering, we offer our customers a variety of advanced services featuring interactivity, which are available even to customers not purchasing our broadband internet services. We also provide a start over service for 28 television channels, enabling the viewer who misses the start of a program to go back to the beginning of the program while the broadcast is in progress. Our digital television offering also includes VOD. Our VOD library is extensive containing over 35,000 titles as of December 31, 2015. In addition, we offer access to additional content libraries not included in our standard VOD service on a pay per view or monthly subscription basis. Our VOD penetration rate was 57% of our pay television RGUs as of December 31, 2015, which we believe is the highest in Israel. We also offer customers Personal Video Recorder (“PVR”) service,, for a monthly subscription fee by means of a set top box that, in addition to receiving the regular digital broadcasts, enables digitally recording television programs to a hard disk in real time. We rolled out La Box, one of [the Altice Group’s] most advanced set top boxes, in Israel under the commercial name of “FiberBox” at the beginning of March 2014. In November 2015 we launched the Mini FiberBox. The combination of FiberBox & Mini FiberBox is branded as “HOT MULTI” experience.

We bolster our Israeli pay television service offering by significant investment in procurement and, uniquely to our Israeli business, co-development of content which we undertake in partnership with local production partners. We package such original and purchased content into a range of television channels that we own and broadcast under the HOT brand to our television customers. The HOT suite of channels includes HOT 3, where we broadcast our co developed local content, HOT Family, seven movie channels, the Israeli Entertainment Channel, sports channels and more than 10 children’s channels, which we believe are highly popular in Israel and run shows with top television ratings such as Haborer, Asfur 2, Split 2 Wedding Season, TLV, Redband and Mehubarot 2. We also purchase rights to broadcast popular foreign channels over our network. We believe the quality of content we provide over our network generally and the HOT television channels in particular, has been a critical factor in attracting new customers, maintaining our existing customers and minimizing churn. Under existing regulations, we are subject to certain ownership restrictions that limit the number of television channels we are permitted to own. In addition, we are required by regulation to invest a minimum of 8% of our annual pay television revenues from subscriber fees in the production of original local content. We have been in compliance with these regulatory requirements in all material respects.

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HOT the leading communications company in Israel, offers customers a great variety of communication services, including multi-channel television, fast internet infrastructure and advanced landline telephone services. HOT enables its customers to enjoy a variety of advanced services, including the fastest internet infrastructure in Israel and an advanced television experience complete with innovative products such as VOD, Start Over and HD programming – all at the best prices available in Israel. It’s no wonder, then, that approximately one million homes in Israel choose HOT’s advanced communications services year after year.

Triple Play Package – The Best Prices in Israel

HOT is the only communication company in Israel offering the Triple Play, a perfect package encompassing all necessary communication solutions for the home: multi-channel television, fast internet services, and landline telephone services. Customers who subscribe to the Triple Play benefit from a complete communication package served by a single provider, and are guaranteed to enjoy peace of mind, effective maintenance and significant savings compared to other offers available on the market.

Multi-Channel Television

HOT offers its subscribers 180 diverse digital TV channels, including including dozens of exclusive channels and topped off by a number of HD channels. The broadcast content is varied and suited for different tastes and preferences, featuring series, movies, sports channels, kids channels, educational content, news, international channels, interactive channels, games, and more.


HOT is proud to be at the forefront of global technology, leading the Israeli communications market with 2016’s Product of the Year (Consumers’ Choice). HOT’s HOT MULTI service is based on a Mini FiberBox which, along with the original FiberBox, provides an entirely new viewing and surfing experience – not just in the living room, but in every single room in the house. The innovative technology at the heart of this service effectively turns any communications box in the home into an additional internet router, thereby expanding the Wi-Fi’s reach and improving the quality of the signal. HOT MULTI also offers a multitude of additional features, such as allowing customers to record content on one box, and watch it in any another box using one recordings cloud; pause content and resume watching it in another room; share content with friends, stay up to date with real time news alerts, view files on any device using the Media Center, use advanced remote apps on smartphones, view picture in picture, and more.

Leader in Content

Each year HOT invests millions of NIS for the purpose of content purchasing (more than any other broadcasting company in Israel), offering its subscribers the chance to watch the best TV series in the world. HOT is also home to original Israeli TV productions, investing millions of NIS in the production of original series every year.

Video on Demand – the VOD Revolution

HOT brings the Video on Demand revolution to Israel, while changing the television content consumption culture in the country. The VOD revolution offers a range of advanced services, including:

  • Start over: An exclusive service enabling the viewer who missed the start of a program, to start it over and view it from the beginning, without having recorded it in advance. The service is available in a few selected channels.
  • HOT MAGIC: A user-friendly recording box that enables the viewer to manage the broadcast schedule and control it. The box is capable of recording dozens of hours of broadcast content.
  • HOT VOD: One of the largest content libraries in the world, giving customers access to over 10,000 hours of content suitable for all ages, including TV series, movies, performances, original Israeli productions, and more.

Israel’s Fastest Internet

HOT has placed Israel at the forefront of technology, offering internet speeds of 200 MB – the highest available in Israel. HOT’s internet network was established using the most innovative technologies in the world, allowing every customer to choose the internet speed that suits him/her best.

Customer Service

Providing quality customer service is among HOT’s most central objectives. Over the last year,HOT has made significant efforts to improve its customer service in all areas, and is in the process of investing considerable resources in the following aspects of customer service: opening new customer service centers, recruiting new customer service representatives, streamlining processes and expanding digital service channels. Customers can contact customer service via Facebook, HOT’s website, SMS, ROBOHOLD app, E-mail and, of course, by dialing *6900. Customers can also perform a number of actions on our website, my HOTsection.

Human Capital

HOT is a young and vibrant company, thanks to its varied employee base. HOT employees are among its central assets, and great emphasis is placed on caring for their welfare, work environment and training.

HOT and the Community

HOT is committed to maintaining a direct connection with the community. For this reason, HOTsponsors a community channel whose employees volunteer for a variety of activities, including the support of communities surrounding Gaza and in Sderot.