SFR Caraïbe

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A new operator takes place into the West Indies : SFR Caraibe.


The Altice’s Group, owner of Outremer Telecom since June 2013 set up the SFR Caraibe’s brand on the West Indies.

This new brand replaced the historical ONLY brand. These modifications took place the 7th April of 2015, ONLY became SFR Caraibe on the West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guina).

West Indians enjoy now of their new operator, benefiting from the Numericable-SFR’s Group’s strengtness, which aim is to become the French leader of the high speed fix and mobile convergence.

The launch of this new brand is a success : the share of market on mobile has grown from 13.1% to 14.4%, wich means a progress of 10%. This progress is still going on.

The establishment of this new brand is leaded by the three Group’s strategic objectives:

  • Investing more on the high speed fixed and mobile network,
  • Propose the same quality of service for fixed and mobile,
  • Ensure sustainable and long-lasting growth.


A lot of improvements have been setted up. The Group has worked with the different sectors to improve the prestations :

  • A latest generation of fixed and mobile network,
  • The offers have been enrichted,
  • The quality of service have been improved.


SFR Caraibe is now a strong new brand, with a complete ecosystem :

  • A dense store network, some customer relationship places,
  • A concept store revisited,
  • A new website,
  • A strong customer service, a technic service.


SFR Caraibe gathers 200 salesman in more than 50 sales points, more than 300 customer advisors, qualified installers, web experts, etc.  All present on the West Indies Zone. This new brand ensures a high proximity service, and prioritizes the client satisfaction.

The Numericable-SFR Group will also propose some offers and services for professionals and companies under the SFR Business’ brand.